Q: How fast does this work?

Each person’s body is designed differently. We have had success stories in a little as 1-2 months. We also have had more acute stage Peyronies curvature that required 4-months or more. The Peyronies Curvaturekey is to stay with the regimen, and do not forgot to take your daily dosages. You will be even more happy once you start seeing results. This usually motivates men to keep going. If you are dealing with any pain from the irritation caused by Peyronie’s, often times the first 30-days of this regimen, the pain will subside. This also seems to keep to men going strong.

Q: What is your 110% ‘lowest price’ guarantee about?

We guarantee 110%, that you will not find these products anywhere else for a lower price, for a full year! If you do, we will match the price, and take off an additional 10%. Or, fully refund you. We want you to order a package with complete confidence in knowing you are getting the price possible on these products.

Q: Are there any side effects with taking these products &
can I combine them with other medications or vitamins?

Our products contain no man made chemicals or additives of any kind. Side effects are unheard of. However, these are very powerful enzymes, and they thin your blood slightly in order to work effectively to break down fibrin (scar tissue or masses). We do not recommend combining these with any kind of prescription blood thinning medication. For example, Coumadin, Warfarin or Plavix. If you are currently taking these, these products are likely not for you. Combining with alcohol, other dietary or health supplements seems to be perfectly ok.

Q: Can I place an order by phone instead?

At the current time, we do not offer phone ordering or phone support due to medical privacy regulations and and unfortunately cannot offer medical advice. If you need medical advice, please seek a licensed care practitioner in your area. You can however, easily place an order here online, and your order will be processed and shipped out as quickly as possible. If you have general product questions of any kind, please feel free to email our help desk at: sales@peyroniesrelief.com.

Q: How fast will I receive my order?

All orders typically go out the same day if before noon CST. After noon, they go out the following morning. We ship with USPS, and the USA ship times typically are from 2-3 business days. International orders take 7-10 business days.

Q: My urologist says these products won’t work (Or are unfamiliar)…

Peyronie\s Disease TreatmentWe hear this all the time! Unfortunately, many doctors do not have education relating to alternative medicines like these. They are taught in college about prescription medications that are currently available on the market and approved by the FDA. While there are very few ‘approved’ prescription medications that work very well currently, they often will resort to and recommend a Vitamin E therapy regimen.

This rarely (if at all) works, and we advise the skip that regimen. Doctor’s are truly at a loss currently on alleviating or treating Peyronie’s. There are also Verpamil injections, Xiaflex and other proclaimed injection or topical creme solutions, all with little to no current success. Lastly, doctors will often recommend surgical removal of the scar tissue. We recommend trying this regimen, before going that route. Surgery should be your very LAST option.

Q: How do I take these health products?

You will get a recommended dosage chart in your package that will detail how to take them. Should you have more questions, use our live chat feature here on our site, for help with your question. If we are offline, leave us a message and an agent will be reply in 24-hours or less!

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