Recent Reviews From Our Consumers

“I thought there was no hope for this dreaded curving. I threw in the towel after trying everything my Urologist offered me (except surgery). I Googled many late nights just reading stuff. I came across your ad, and gave these a try. I now am almost completely Peyronies free. God Bless you…”

-Miles D.
Cape Fear, NC

“Wow, first two weeks and my pain is gone. Didn’t know this stuff could kill the pain too? …”

-Dave J.
Montgomery, AL

“After trying this and sticking with it, I can say it does truly work. My curve is gone and so is the plaque area on the side. Great products and I cannot thank you enough…”

-Billy R.
Nashville, TN

“Was asked to write my feeling down and send an email to you folks about my experience with your Peyronie’s Disease Pills. I’d say that they do take time to work, but they do really work. One cannot expect to be cured in a week or something like that. Takes some patience. My curve was really bad and downward. It took me about four months to start seeing a change. But it sure beats surgery! I am on month six, and almost straight fully. Thanks and will continue to be your customer.”

-Rodney G.
Nome, AK

“I must say, pretty good stuff. Worked well for me. I am completely free of any curve, and my ‘manhood’ works like it should again!”

-Thomas F.
Wales, UK

“No side effects, easy to swallow. My curvature has almost healed. Happy to have bought this stuff…”

-Charles W.
Edmonton, Canada

“I was surprised about the pressure and pain just stopped. It was like literally after two days of taking these. That alone was a good sign. I am on my third month I think, and have seen about a 80% improvement. Cool stuff, thank you.”

-Jerome F.
Las Vegas, NV